Travis Scott's Best Performing Sneakers

The top 5 of Travis Scott’s best performing sneaker so far 🔥

Sitting on the 5th is the Fragment Travis Jordan 1 Low which was the latest that has been released in this pack 🔥currently having an average resale price of 1110 usd

At fourth place goes to the Travis Scott Air Force 1 which was released back in 2017 🔥with a current average resale price of 1410 usd 🔥

And 3rd place goes to one of the best Jordans that have released in 2019 🔥which is the Travis Scott Jordan 1 Mocha 🔥with an average price of 1527 usd

Moreover, the 2nd place goes to one of the best Nike Sbs that have been released recently, which is the Travis Scott Nike SB 🔥one of a kind and currently holding an average resale price of 1734 usd 🔥

Lastly, the one that topped the charts among this 5, is the recent release of Fragment Travis Scott 🔥a lot have mentioned that there’s no way that this pair will surpass the OG but neither did we all know, on release day itself it went totally crazy over the internet, whereby currently is holding an average resale price of 2520 usd 🔥

Which ones your favourite pair in this top 5 ?