The Evolution of Jordan Bred & Chicago

Jordan 1 has always been the most go to model out of all the Jordan models out of a total of 35 different models

In this post, we’ll be discussing the evolution of the Bred and Chicago colourway 🔥from the timeframe of 1985 to 2019

First and foremost, the place where Nike was founded, Chicago, also the most iconic colour on a Jordan, Red aka Chicago colourway. Was first released back in 1985, where we’ve seen this model slowly evolving year after year up to date in the year of 2015. Designed by Peter Moore and this pair honestly started it all until to this day, where this was also the very pair that was worn by Michael Jordan back in his days in court. Little do you know that back in the days, the pair of 1985 Chicago was retailing at 65 USD

Moving on to the Banned colourway, this colourway has also filled rich with history. And back when MJ was still in the courts, they do have a rule by the NBA where players have to wear a specific pair of colourway to match their uniforms for their game and hence, the black red colourway was used as a team colour due to a rebellious looking colourway rather than red and black and white, hence the Bred colourway was born aka Black Red

Last but not least, the Black toe colourway, also another OG colourway of the Jordan 1. However, the black toe was also born back in 1985 but was not put in this post because it’s almost impossible to find a decent 1985 Black toe picture, where we move on to the very recent Black toe colourway, the Satin Black toe released in 2019 in women’s sizes

All in all, of all the 3 different colourways here, which ones your personal favourite?