Most Expensive Nike SB Dunk of All Time

A post dedicated to one of the highest valued Nike SBs of all time 🔥

Running on the 5th place, we have the Nike SB London, currently sitting as the 5th highest among all Nike Sbs at an average resell value of 10,000 usd 🔥released in the Silver Box era in January 2004 🔥having a pretty simple design overall on this pair but here comes the crazy part where it was supposedly to be released during a London event, whereby it was cancelled in the end, hence has caused the demand for it to surge drastically

On the 4th place, goes to the Nike SB Dunk Low Paris 🔥one of the craziest pair of all time, released in the Silver Box era back in August 2003 🔥this pair was so unique that not one pair that exist will have the same design, which means that each and every single pair that was released was handcrafted and designed uniquely on its own 🔥however, what causes this pair to be so crazy is that the Dunk Paris was released only to be release exclusively at an exhibition in Pairs ( almost same situation as the SB London ), however due to the violent demand on release day at the exhibition, this pair was never released during the event and was further delayed due to the crazy uncontrollable hype from the crowd but then because of the cancellation of this release, there were pairs that were leaked out to the public and have been existing until this day with an insanely amount of 20,000 usd in resell value (average) 🔥

Moving on to the third, goes to the Nike SB Pigeon NYC 🔥released in the Pink Box era in March 2005 🔥the release day of this pair was also very violent and crazy, funny thing is that for those that have gotten a pair on release day itself was already listing online for 1000 usd (straight on release day), however, bear in mind that 1000 usd might not be a lot on this day but back then it was a huge amount 🔥this pair was so hype that there were riots all around just to get a chance to acquire a pair, whereby it became a headline on New York’s paper 🔥

Second placed, goes to the Nike SB Freddy 🔥released during the Gold box era back in 2007🔥however, no official release date existed from this pair, as there were issues for its release. This pair resembles the sweater that was worn by Freddy Kruger from the movie Nightmare on Elm street 🔥( go watch the movie 👀) however, there were major issues on this release as Nike did not have permission to release this pair as the sweater design was a signature, hence it’s a must to have an agreement in order to release such pair 🔥unfortunately, Nike didn’t won over this and had to scrapped the entirely release and all the pairs were ordered to send back to Nike to be destroyed, and this is the time where not all the pairs that was produced were send back, hence a decent amount manage to circulate into the market 🔥in another words, the Nike Sb Freddy that we see until this day were all pairs that were leaked out during that time

Last but not least, the highest valued Nike SB 🔥goes to the Yellow Lobster, released in Blue Box era back in 2009 🔥the chance of owning a pair of these SB Dunk Yellow Lobsters was as rare as catching the actual yellow lobsters 🦞 which was given an estimate of 1 in 40 million chances 🔥however this unique pair was never released publicly but was only for friends and employees of Nike SB only, which makes it extremely rare to get a pair during that time

Of all the 5 pairs here, which ones your favorite? in terms of its back story and design